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Determining your personal retirement income strategy can be complicated and confusing. The process begins with understanding your retirement expenses and income sources to make sure you have enough income for your essential expenses as well as your lifestyle and discretionary spending needs. At ICM we can help you understand how to manage your nest egg to generate efficient income that can help mitigate the major risks faced by retirees. Each income plan is unique to the individual client’s circumstances and includes analysis of how and when you should elect pension and social security income as well as steps to take prior to retiring to help optimize the position of your assets for future income needs.


Retirement Income Planning

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  • Healthcare Risk

    Medical costs have been rising at a rate that outpaces the normal inflation rate. These types of expenses can have a large impact on the amount of money you need to save for retirement and should be factored into your retirement income strategies.

  • Inflation Risk

    Keeping pace with inflation is important even in your retirement years to make sure you can maintain the same standard of living throughout your golden years. Even with a 3% annual inflation rate, your purchasing power will be reduced by over 25% in just ten years of your retirement.

  • Volatility Risk

    Investment returns can be unpredictable, which can create an obstacle to generating a consistent and reliable retirement income. In addition to market risk in the equity markets, retirees need to also factor in interest rate risk and how it impacts bond holdings in a portfolio. Another component of volatility is “sequence of returns risk” since declines in the market combined with withdrawals can create more downward pressure on your nest egg.

  • Longevity Risk

    People are living longer and many will need retirement income to last 25, 30 or even 40 years, especially if they are in good health and have a family history of longevity. If your retirement income plan isn’t designed to provide income for your entire lifetime, you could be at risk of outliving your assets.

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