Clifford Madison

Clifford Madison

Financial Services Specialist

Phone: 949-453-7660
Fax: 949-453-7672

Clifford's experience in the Financial Services Industry goes back many years. After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State in 1980, he began with Equitable Life Assurance in 1982 and became a registered rep in 1983. Clifford moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and joined the Beverly Hills Branch of Merrill Lynch, where he advanced to President's Club producer. In 1995, Clifford started Countywide Cellular and Visual Wireless creating the first corporate rate programs for government employees and their unions throughout the most of Southern California. Having developed an acute awareness of industry dynamics, the long term goal was always to put together a consortium to purchase bandwith for the soon to arrive digital wireless market in the late 1990's. Even as the company was very successful at a local level, it was not able to acheive national goals, somewhat due to circumstances beyond relative control. It was Clifford's choice to resume his financial services career in 2009, and his vast client related background, required that it be with a company that was very client oriented. When you have had the opportunity to see a generation of people grow old and the things that can happen in their lives to put long term financial goals at risk, then you work to make sure every avenue is covered to avoid financial calamity.


I am only interested in my clients well being, as only this validates my work as a professional. I know that insuring their well being will produce positive results in my life both spiritually and financially. I believe this to be true of the fundamentals ascribed to in the ICM representative mandate. I am a extremely devoted father of two wonderful teenage girls, that make life fulfilling and they are my first priority. I believe my children's well being is reflected in my attitude towards the well being of my clients and this is my philosphy on how client's wealth and security should be treated at all times.

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