Alyssa Arizaga

Insurance specialist

Phone: 626-966-1426
Fax: 626-966-0426


Alyssa Arizaga started in the ICM Pasadena office in 2017. She is now working in our West Covina branch office as an Insurance agent and office executive assistant.  She specializes in client outreach and engagement.  Alyssa works with all parts of financial planning services through the Office Team in West Covina.

Alyssa grew up in the Inland Empire and is a graduate from Colton High School.  She attended Riverside City College and completed her Cosmetology School to become a Beautician/Barber. 

She has since found her passion in the financial services industry to help people and clients improve their current and future financial situation.

Alyssa Arizaga is not registered with Sagepoint Financial Inc.